Organised by EAMBA - European Associations for Mindfulness

02 - 07 January 2023

silent retreat: Dimensions of Trust

Retreat for Mindfulness teachers in and near Europe

What can we trust in?

What sustains our practice in times like these - when many of our known reference points are less and less reliable?

The experience of existential crises was also faced by Prince Siddhartha. In particular, the realisation of change and inexorable impermanence deeply troubled him. This was the starting point for his profound spiritual journey and as Buddha Shakyamuni, he later helped many people who were also going through upheavals, losses, and emotional challenges.

Crises sometimes demand great courage from us – and they can open the mind to deep trust. In Buddhism, trust (Pali: saddha) is central to all Dharma practice and mind training. This retreat is a special opportunity to rediscover and deepen this timeless quality.

Course language is English